Advance Squash Coaching love to have feedback from clients to hear how the coaching has gone and whether their game has improved. Here are some testimonials from recent clients.

Andy brings on beginners to more advanced levels. He teaches with a 'fun-based' approach that keeps the children involved and enthusiastic.

David - Tom's Dad, Sutton

I love playing Racket ball and have benefitted enormously from Andy's coaching. He has a dedicated, analytical approach to coaching whereby he evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of my game and focuses the coaching to enable me to capitalise on my strengths and to strengthen my weaknesses.

This skill and dedication is combined with a good sense of humour. All essential ingredients to excellent coaching!

Diane, Alfreton

Just a quick note to say thanks for the group squash sessions. I speak for all of the group in saying that our lessons were perfect for learning the basics of the game. As a direct result of your sessions we have set up our own mini squash league which is working very well and everyone is enjoying. Thanks again.

Paul, Derby

Having restarted playing squash after having more than 10 years off, I enrolled on a six week course with Andy. The course was very well delivered and has improved my enjoyment of the game as well as some of my results.

I have since enrolled my 6 year old daughter on a juniors course and to see her taking up the sport for the first time with Andy's support is fantastic. My only concern is that one day with further coaching she may be able to beat me.

Darren, Selston

As part of a group of adult men of varying (low) abilities with very little experience of Squash we found Andy to be great for us, we started with the basics and each week worked on different parts of the game, the exercises were excellent and we all gained a lot from the experience.

Michael, Alfreton

I've had several coaching sessions with Andy and each has been excellent in improving my game because as well as teaching how to play a particular shot and follow it up he also makes you work quite hard and moves you around so you get used to being able to apply it in a game situation even when under pressure in order to be able to dominate competent opponents.

I would definitely recommend a few sessions, Andy has certainly taken my game up a couple of notches.

Ben, Southwell

From the very beginning Andy was a confident and adept coach, with lots of game experience but also an overwhelming enthusiasm to coach which is rarely seen. He has a comprehensive and profound understanding of the game enabling him to develop a wide variety of coaching techniques to suit all ages and abilities.

After being coached by Andy for a number of years, my knowledge of squash has greatly improved. Throughout the coaching I have progressed to become a confident player, competing in a number of tournaments, with other clubs and also with individuals.

As a coach Andy provides a skilled method of coaching as well as being an approachable, friendly figure. I would definitely recommend Andy as a squash coach to anyone who is looking to take up squash as a sport.

Jono, Sutton

I really enjoy going to lessons on Thursdays. Andy never gets angry, he makes learning fun and exciting. I have learnt loads in the last year and I really look forward to the holiday squash camps!

Scott (Age 10)

I think Andy offers very broad based coaching in terms of absolute beginner to experienced improver. He coaches across a broad age range from tots to adults with excellent interaction with all of the pupils. With regards to my children they have thoroughly enjoyed the training and the variety, as well as the matches.

David, father of Ryan & Liam, Sutton