Junior Squash Coaching

Mini Squash

Mini Squash

Mini Squash is the England Squash & Racketball fun and exciting version of squash for 3-11 year olds. Children as young as 3 years old can learn to throw, catch and hit a ball. it’s not just about squash, it’s about movement co-ordination & balance. If you can show children from a young age the principles of movement, co-ordination & balance then they will take this into every sport they play and give them loads of confidence.

Very quickly children can play modified versions of squash in a fun environment.

The mini Squash Program is a skills based program where the emphasis is more on skills than on competition and winning matches. They chart their progress through passing skills tests and gaining Mini Squash Certificates in the FUNdamentals, IMProver and PRO levels.

Development Player Awards

The Development Player Awards are aimed at young people aged 9-16 who have progressed through the Mini Squash Program, are new to squash or currently play at club level.

The Awards develop and asses player’s technical and tactical ability within the full game of squash with each of the 10 stages focussing on a different shot.

Again we do not ficus just on squash but on movement skills, like agility, speed & quickness, co-ordination and balance.

The children can progress into playing squash matches against each other, enter the squash ladder & play for the squash team against other clubs.

Junior Team

Junior Squash

The junior team training sessions are for those children who show good potential and are keen to develop their squash and play more than once a week. the age range of the children can be from 8-18. These sessions are planned to develop their fitness, movement, technique and tactics. They are fun and more competitive.

Although these sessions are invite only, I am always keen to hear from children (or parents) who are wanting to develop their squash and would like to be involved.

When and Where

Day Time Coaching Leisure Centre
Monday 16.20-17.20 Girls’ Squad Lammas
Monday 17.20-18.20 Junior Squad Lammas
Tuesday 16.20-17.00 Mini Squash Hucknall
Tuesday 17.00-17.40 Junior Squash Hucknall
Wednesday 16.20-17.20 Mini Squash Sutton Community Academy
Wednesday 17.20-18.20 Junior Squash Sutton Community Academy
Friday 16.00-17.00 Mini Squash Alfreton
Friday 17.00-18.00 Development Player Awards Alfreton
Saturday 09.00-10.00 Mini Squash Lammas
Saturday 10.00-11.00 Girls Only Coaching Lammas
Saturday 11.00-12.00 Junior Squash Lammas
Saturday 12.00-13.00 Junior Squad Lammas