Adult Squash Coaching

Adult Group Coaching

Advance Squash Coaching can run adult coaching for beginners, improvers and advanced players. This can be run either as groups or individual coaching sessions.

Adult Beginner Coaching

ASC run 6 week adult coaching courses that teach you the basics of squash. By the end of the course you will have a clear understanding of good technique, basic tactics and how to play a game of squash. The benefits of attending a group coaching session is that it is cheaper and if you are new to squash you will meet new playing partners to play afterwards.

Courses will run with 6 to 8 people on them and will last for 80mins. The first half of the session will be coaching and the second half will be games where you will put into practice what you have learned.

ASC run courses at Alfreton, Cresswell, Festival Hall, Hucknall, The Lammas & Sharley Park Leisure Centres.

ASC will run courses when 6 or more people are interested. Please leave your details if you would like to be put on a waiting list.

Adult Beginner Squash Waiting List

You need to fill in all the fields in the form. We'll be in touch when we’ve got enough people to run the course.

Adding your name does not commit you to taking part it the next course, it just lets us know you are interested.

Adult Improver/Advanced Group Coaching

ASC run adult group coaching courses for players who have played squash before and would like to improve their game. The courses can be run for 2 or more players, either as single sessions or a group of coaching sessions. The sessions are tailored to the needs of the group.

For more information please contact us.

Adult Individual Coaching

ASC will coach any individual who would like to improve their squash from beginners to advanced players. ASC will teach you the basics of squash and then if you wish we will coach you to a higher level showing you how to play advanced shots, tactics and game plans.

At the start of the coaching sessions, the ASC coach will assess your squash and talk to you about your goals for what you want to achieve. The coach will then help you to atain those goals by planning a program to improve your squash. Remember, it is your coaching sessions and we will listen to what you want to achieve and plan ahead to do that.

ASC can coach you at AlfretonCresswellFestival HallHucknallThe Lammas & Sharley Park Leisure Centres.

Adult Team Coaching

ASC run team coaching sessions for any team players who would like to improve their fitness, technique and tactics. These will include a mixture of drills, tactics, conditioned games and fitness. As with all our coaching sessions, they are individually planned and tailored to the needs of the team.

Please contact ASC to discuss or book your adult team coaching.


Individual Coaching

You can also buy individual coaching vouchers from our gift vouchers page.

Group Coaching (divided by number of candidates in group)